About Us


Welcome to Transcending Truth, your number one source for all things T-Shirts, Tanks, and Hoodies. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of designs, with a focus on uniqueness, comfortability, and high quality material. Here at Transcending Truth we believe that what you wear is truly an expression of your personality, and what makes you look good makes you feel good. We are all about spreading  good vibes and positive energy. We hope that we can help spread some good vibes to you one shirt at a time. Transcending Truth was started as a means of achieving true freedom from the nightmare of the traditional everyday lifestyle of the 9 to 5 work grind. So instead we decided to do something that we love and are very passionate about and hence Transcending Truth was born. Thanks for visiting our store and we just want you to know that we appreciate your business and hope to keep you as a valued customer for years to come.